03_2021 The Sequel of Jane
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 12_2020 Recasting Gandhian Legacy
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 08_2020 Brilliant Detroit
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 12_2019 Kinesthetic Theater
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 04_2017 Flamin’ Hot Cheetos
 04_2017 Now What?!
 12_2016 PA/Vilion



Youghiogheny River, PA

This foundational project explores how spatial characteristics of light, movement, proximity, openness, and scale can define a space as public or private. The project is of two vacation pavilions, a dock, and a patio for a family along the Youghiogheny Riverside. One pavilion is to be used as a public space, the other, private.

I began deconstructing two volumes, one to hold private conditions, one public. Each volume was allowed five steps in deconstruction, each step to achieve characteristics of public or private space respectively. My project uses both site intervention and built form to express each pavilion’s public or private nature.

This project was selected to be featured in HAAARCH!!! in 2017, the University of Pittsburgh’s annual showcase of architecture projects and research.