03_2021 The Sequel of Jane
 01_2021 Gradient Papers
 12_2020 Recasting Gandhian Legacy
 12_2020 Modular unCommons
 12_2020 Duct Armour
 12_2020 Pleated
 08_2020 Brilliant Detroit
 04_2020 In[di]visible
 04_2020 andACTION
 04_2020 those familiar
 02_2020 Transported
 12_2019 Reimagining Seagram
 12_2019 Kinesthetic Theater
 06_2019 Untitled
 04_2019 Bike Stop
 04_2018 Sketching Paris
 04_2017 Flamin’ Hot Cheetos
 04_2017 Now What?!
 12_2016 PA/Vilion


A Boston-based spatial, graphic, and editorial designer. Aspiring architect, avid violin player, fashion fanatic, design justice organizer.

CURRENTLY a 2021-22 Space and Society Fellow with MASS Design Group working in the Public Memory and Memorials Design Lab.

RECENTLY wrapped up a Master of Architecture thesis on spatial camouflage as a way to improve reproductive health access; co-produced a new, online platform for architecture and urbanism organized in “feeds” rather than “issues;” published a piece about the Gandhian urban legacy in Ahmedabad, India; co-conspired an anti-racist campaign at Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning; worked at a community design center to rethink how we communicate design ideas with the public.

PREVIOUSLY had a conversation with Amanda Williams about Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and codified landscapes; helped curate a traveling exhibition that tells the largely unknown history of architects and designers working to further the causes of the civil rights, women’s, and LGBTQ movements; worked as an assistant in Paris Fashion Week while living in France for a half year.