03_2021 The Sequel of Jane
 01_2021 Gradient Papers
 12_2020 Recasting Gandhian Legacy
 12_2020 Modular unCommons
 12_2020 Duct Armour
 12_2020 Pleated
 08_2020 Brilliant Detroit
 04_2020 In[di]visible
 04_2020 andACTION
 04_2020 those familiar
 02_2020 Transported
 12_2019 Reimagining Seagram
 12_2019 Kinesthetic Theater
 06_2019 Untitled
 04_2019 Bike Stop
 04_2018 Sketching Paris
 04_2017 Flamin’ Hot Cheetos
 04_2017 Now What?!
 12_2016 PA/Vilion




          relating to tailoring, clothes, or style of dress.

Often referred to as the second skin, clothing has been likened to the envelope of a building, a protective layer from the exterior world. Clothing and architecturehave long shared many affinities ranging from manufacturing processes to their impact upon all manner of social and cultural formations through design. Standardization for/from industrial mass-production went hand in hand with the emergence of other social and cultural phenomena - from the formulation of fashion in both the dressing of the body andthe environment we live in, to the shaping of social habits and institution.

Sartorial Architecture is a theory and material investigation course that examines the allied disciplines of architecture and clothing production. Sartorial Architecture situates architecture and clothing production through new forms of technological experimentation. The making aspect of the course seeks to open up the potential when hybridization of disciplinary processes and design are integral to material studies outside ournormative association.

Duct Armour draws upon techinques of textile and manipulation encountered throughout the semester to make a jacket using only black duct tape. Through the exploration of patterning, folding, stitching, melting, and casting, the final jacket ties together multiple forms of material investigation to create a wearable piece.